Dec 13, 2022
Proposal redesign & migration to Webflow

Created by
Ion Arventi
Prepared for
Lisa Manthei


About Conveyflow

With over 5 years of experience, we're primarily a Webflow-focused design & development agency, helping businesses scale with ease using Webflow and No Code tools. That being said, our expertise goes far, far beyond that. Our code services: Webflow Development & Maintenance and you can fully count on our in-house team for Integrations, Automations, Web Design, and Animations.

Our team has proudly completed over 300 successful projects.


During our meeting, we scoped out the project in the following:

  • Redesign the project by using most of the current content.
  • Webflow implementation.
  • Careful migration of the content to Webflow + adding the marketing/analytics scripts.
  • Launch Deadline: middle/end of January 2023.

21 pages

main pages:
- Home Page
- Why thunkable
- Solutions pages - 6
- Integrations page
- Pricing page
- About Us

cms pages:
- Blog (template + import current blog posts)
- Resources ( template + import current resources posts)
- Gallery (template + import current gallery posts)

simple pages:
- Privacy
- Terms
- Copyright
- Terms

Figma link where are all the pages listed for redesigned

Proposed Budget

Redesign: $6500

Our plan is to retain about 30% of the current illustrations and update them to match a consistent corporate style. Furthermore, we will redesign the pages to create a more engaging and intuitive user flow.

Webflow Development: $15000

To ensure the success of the project, our team will implement best practices for fluid development to ensure full responsiveness on all devices and a clear, well-structured design. We will use components, symbols, and a style guide to enable easy growth and future maintenance, whether with our support or not.

Content Migration: $2000

SEO tags, 301 redirects, blog/resources/gallery content migrations + marketing/analytics scripts setup.

TOTAL: $23500

Next Steps & Timeline

Step 1 - Project Confirmation:

from 12.13.22- 12.18.22.
To confirm the project and reserve our team's resources for it, we will send an invoice for 10% of the budget.

Step 2 - Design Sprint

from 12.18.22- 12.31.22
Upon completion and confirmation of the design, we will send an invoice for 30% of the budget.

Step 3 - Website Development

from 01.01.23- 01.15.23

Step 4 - Website Launch Preparation.

from 01.16.23- 01.23.23
Upon completion and confirmation of the project, we will send an invoice for 60% of the budget.

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After redesign & migration to Webflow

The Conveyflow team migrated to Webflow and updated the design to meet the marketing requirements. We used the latest fluid development methods and migrated all SEO-important tags, links, and marketing/analytics scripts. The Mfax team is very happy with the results and is preparing to migrate two more projects with us.

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